I tried the Low Salt Diet

My mother was very heavy-handed with the salt. She poured it into every family meal and the salt cellar was always on the table too! We all thought salt added flavour, but high blood pressure runs in our family and high salt levels can make it worse. So when I found myself pouring salt into cuppa soups, I knew enough was enough. It was time to switch to a low salt diet.

I couldn’t believe how bland everything tasted without salt. At first, it was really hard but luckily I’d already thrown the salt away so I couldn’t cheat. All my favourite ready meals were full of salt too so I had to start cooking from scratch and making my own sandwiches to take to work. I was horrified by how much salt there is in many shop bought sandwiches. You have a look at the packaging and see for yourself, it’s awful.

All the extra shopping and planning was a hassle but the advantage is that I’ve saved loads of money! I’ve also discovered the amazing flavours of different curry powders, ginger, chillies and garlic. Now, after six weeks, I feel much healthier and can honestly say I don’t miss the salt at all.
Joanne Beckwith, 35, London