Insanity Workout video

American fitness craze the Insanity Workout promises incredible fitness results in just 60 days…

Everyone seems to be talking about the Insanity Workout programme, but what is it and does it live up to its insane name?!

Well yes, it’s pretty intense. The routine aims to flip usual work out plans on their heads. So, instead of working out at a moderate exercise level and then having short burts of intense exercise, you work out as hard as you can physically go for 3 minutes, before having 30 seconds of ‘rest’ where you’re only doing moderate exercise. Ouch!

The whole Insanity Workout programme is available on DVD, but we’ve got some previews of the exercises involved, such as jumps, squats, and press ups in the video below. Plus meet the ‘insane’ man himself, Shaun T, whose no-nonsense attitude will push you to your absolute limits!

Whilst you might be tempted to get stuck into this bootcamp style fitness programme, have a serious think about whether it’s suitable for you. The intensity of the Insanity Workout probably isn’t best for first-time exercisers, and if you suffer from joint, heart and back problems you’ll probably be best to give this one a miss too!

That’s going to hurt in the morning…

Have you tried the Insanity Workout? How did you get on? Let us know in our comments section below.

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