Women are livetweeting their periods and it is HILARIOUS

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  • Periods are at the top of no woman’s priority list. They’re painful, inconvenient, and require you to ride an absolute rollercoaster of emotions that no matter how hard you try, YOU JUST CAN’T GET OFF.

    However, the one and probably only perk of periods (other than the obvious baby making) is that the majority of women are in it together, and can attempt to make life a little easier on each other when Satan is in their bellies – and one of the ways ladies have been doing that recently is to follow the #LiveTweetYourPeriod hashtag.

    This trend, born on social networking site Twitter, has seen women from all over the world share their experiences of periods in an attempt to demystify and destigmatise them – and we have to say that not only are their reactions spot on, they’re also pretty hilarious…

    They’ve covered everything from the cravings…

    …to the pain

    The intense schedule

    ‘Day One: Anything you are thinking of doing, just don’t.’

    And the bizarre musings

    ‘I honestly feel like I’m dying.. Do chickens feel this when they lay eggs?’

    The… erm… unique challenges of the situation

    ‘Disarming a bomb is less stressful than realising you have to sneeze’

    The reactions of family members

    The obvious causes

    The bloating

    And the fact that men JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND

    ‘Imagine a charlie horse in your balls for 5-7 days every month. Add blood.’

    Basically, these gals have provided a wholly accurate summary of everything every woman feels about periods

    And they’re comic geniuses, every one.

    Fellas, you don’t know how lucky you are – but after seeing this, we think you might have slightly more of an idea…

    Would you ever livetweet YOUR period? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the trend below!