My diet diary: I lost 10lb on the Go Lower diet

Vicky Woollaston, 23, from Portsmouth, tried the Go Lower diet for four weeks. Here’s how she got on.

The reason I’m overweight is because I’m lazy, I’d much rather reach for a bag of crisps or phone for a takeaway than spend the time making healthy lunches or dinners. When I read about The Go Lower diet it sounded perfect – the food is delivered to your front door, the lunches and dinners are microwaveable and it recommended snacking on cheese and Pepperamis! They even send you special Go Lower chocolate bars and nut bars as another snack.

I’m quite fussy too. My first hurdle was that the breakfast has nuts in it, it’s not that I’m allergic I just hate them! It took me a week or so to eat it without gagging. I also soon got through the chocolate snack bars and was sick of cheese and Pepperamis by the second week and couldn’t stomach the nut snack bars any more. I didn’t like the pea and ham soup either which limited my lunch choices.

What was great, though, was that the leader of the diet phoned me after the first week to talk through any problems or questions I had. I explained what I didn’t like and she sent me through some more chocolate bars, gave me suggestions for other things to eat for breakfast (eggs and bacon) and also suggested I eat the mushroom stroganoff main meal as a lunch option in place of the pea and ham soup. And I didn’t just speak to them in week one, you can phone them at any time to talk about the diet and having this advice, support and most importantly motivation on hand was brilliant.

By the third week I was a little fed up of microwaving everything and was finding it harder to stick to, but Go Lower send through recipes for you to make yourself too so I tried my hand at some of those and this made it a lot easier to keep going with it.

I lost 10lbs in 4 weeks and if I hadn’t struggled a bit with it and cheated a couple of times I would have lost the stone that the diet promises. Because it’s low-carb, rather than no carb, it can be a bit confusing and surprising to learn what foods contain carbs and how many carbs you can have, but the main principles are easy to follow and I’ve been able to carry on doing it on my own since I stopped the diet.

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