Ridiculous excuses we’ve actually used for ditching our diets

Diets are hard. Really hard. And do you know what the hardest part is? Actually sticking to the darn thing!

We’re the first ones to come up with an excuse as to why tomorrow is a better day to start our New Year diet, or why we really do need to eat that slice of cake today, and we expect we’re not alone.

Considering we’ve been making excuses since our school days (‘Honest Miss, the dog did eat my homework!’), it was only a matter of time before our ability to come up with reasons to ditch the diet became a profession.

Here are our top excuses for deserting our diets, but what are yours? Leave a comment below and we’ll include it in our list!

Our top 19 diet-deserting excuses

1. I already eat healthily (well, a cereal bar instead of breakfast is healthy, isn’t it?)

2. I have plans this weekend (a wedding, a party, dinner out) that will ruin my diet, so there’s no point bothering now really, is there?

3. I can’t watch other people eating something I want to eat (just one chip, pleeeease?)

4. I’m definitely allowed this bar of Aero because it has holes in it.

5. I deserve a treat because it’s Friday, or the weekend, or Monday, or Wednesday…

6. It’s January, why on earth would you make an already depressing month even worse with a diet?

7. I went to the gym today, so I definitely deserve this treat!

8. Today has been a rubbish day. I need cheering up. A glass of wine and some crisps ought to do it.

9. I have all this chocolate from Christmas, I can’t waste it can I? People are starving in the world don’t you know!

10. I’m so tired, I really need an energy boost this morning. Time for a biscuit (or three).

11. There’s only one thing that’ll cure this hangover, and that’s a big greasy fry up!

12. It’s that time of the month. It’s either a chocolate bar, or someone’s going to get shouted at.

13. We’re off to the cinema and there’s no way I can go without popcorn or pic ‘n’ mix.

14. The kids are desperate for a pizza so it would be mean to deprive them (and who’s going to make TWO dinners?)

15. I made a bit too much for dinner, but not quite enough to save for tomorrow. Seconds it is then!

16. It’s too cold to diet. I need proper food in winter!

17. Being healthy takes too long. Who’s got time for all that calorie counting and weighing and measuring?

18. I will definitely, absolutely, 100% start my diet tomorrow….

19. Life’s too short to diet. Now pass me a doughnut.

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