Pasta Sauces: The best and worst revealed

It's a quick and easy dinner, but is your choice pasta sauce as healthy as you think?

Pasta and sauce is a quick and easy meal to make for the whole family, but which shop-bought pasta sauces are best to go for if you’re on a calorie-counting diet?

From Loyd Grossman’s Tomato & Chargrilled Vegetables to Sainsbury’s Basic Tomato, goodtoknow Diet Club has put 20 of the most popular pasta sauces to the test. We’ve rated them for you from worst to best in terms of calories, so you can easily see which ones will keep your calorie intake at its lowest.

To keep our findings fair we’ve compared the sauces based on 100g, using the goodtoknow Diet Club calorie counter tool. How will your favourite sauce fair? You’ll be pleased to know, that the winners in our round-up are actually the cheaper, supermarket own sauces, so they’re friendly to your purse as well as your waistline!

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