‘Physio cured my tendonitis agony’

Living with tendonitis

I lifted my 2-year-old nephew out of his cot, and felt a ‘ping’ in my elbow. It was such a sharp and sudden pain, that I nearly dropped him. But just as quickly as it had happened, it also stopped hurting. Later that day, my arm began to be really painful. My husband made me an ice pack as my elbow was beginning to swell, and I took some painkillers that contained anti-inflammatories. If I moved my arm into certain positions, I got stabs of pain that were agony. In the night, if I moved my arm it would be so painful I would literally see stars in front of my eyes.

The following day, I went to see my GP who told me I had tendonitis. The tendon in my arm had apparently been overused. I do a lot of typing at work and use my mouse all the time, so this had helped to weaken the tendon. Lifting my nephew was the final straw. I had to have physiotherapy for eight weeks (once a week, for half an hour) to get my arm back to normal again. I wore a sling for two weeks, just to protect it.

Now, if I feel it getting a bit sore, I just make sure I rest it properly for a few days. I don’t want the same thing happening again!

Julia Morrison, 39, Formby, Lancashire

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