Porridge: The best and worst for your diet revealed

How healthy is your bowl of porridge in the morning? Is it packed with hidden sugar and fat? We reveal the best and worst porridge for the family!

It felt like everywhere we looked last year we were being inundated with the news of how bad sugar is for us. And after a pretty terrible time in the press, sugar is now more on our radars than ever before – but have you made any drastic changes to your daily routine?

Porridge is an excellent way to start the day – it keeps you full till lunch, releases energy slowly not to mention all the protecting it does against cancer and heart disease! But what if the one you were choosing for you and the family was doing more harm than good? If it’s porridge, it must be healthy right?


We’ve rated some of the nation’s favourites in order of worst to best for sugar content per 100g. After seeing just how shocking the difference in sugar levels can be in some of your favourite porridge brands, we have a feeling you might be rethinking your choices next time you’re in the supermarket!