Turns out we’ve all been pronouncing these brand names WRONG this whole time

If you’re a fan of branded goods, then chances are you think you’ve got their name down.

The thing is, although many of us are confidently going around asking people if they like ‘Nutella‘ or if they’ve seen the new pool inflatables at Primark – we’re probably saying the names all wrong. Embarrassing.

A survey by Oomph! demonstrates just how far from the actual name most of us pronounce a whole host of brands.

Scroll down to see them all, and let us know on Facebook how many you’ve been saying wrong…


Famous for its purse-friendly prices and Gucci-style knock-off loafers, the high street giant’s name has been in limbo for forever, with people up North calling it Pree-mark and their Southern counterparts going with Preye-mark. Well, finally the brand themselves weighed in on the debate and confirmed an official answer…

Common pronunciation: pree-mark
Correct pronunciation: preye-mark


Ah, everyone’s favourite spread, this is a chocolate and hazelnut delight but it’s actually making a mockery of you if you’re pronouncing it nut-elll-ah. Ouch.

Common pronunciation: nut- ell – ah
Correct pronunciation: new – tell – uh


Even the cheap supermarket you know and love isn’t sacred. Lidl fans, your life is about to change forever.

Common pronunciation: lid – uhl Correct pronunciation: lee – dell


They make flat-pack furniture oh so easy, but the same can’t be said for their pesky name. Ikea have had us all on, this whole time. Hmph.

Common pronunciation: eye – kee – ah Correct pronunciation: ih – kee – ah


If you think you drive a volks-wag-en then we hate to tell you this, but you’re sorely mistaken. You see, your four wheels have had an alter ego this whole time!

Common pronunciation: volks – wag – en Correct pronunciation: vo – ks – var – gun


Another sneaky car make creeps into the ranks. Why isn’t everything just simple, you know, like back in the good old days when we didn’t have cars?

Common pronunciation: hi – un – die Correct pronunciation: hun – day


Fancy yourself an artist with Adobe? Well, you can’t actually call yourself a true artist unless you’ve been pronouncing this right all along. Fair’s fair.

Common pronunciation: ah – doh – bee Correct pronunciation: ah – dohb


Just a slight difference here, but it’s the difference between being right and wrong. So listen up.

Common pronunciation: ah – dee – duss Correct pronunciation: add – dee – dass


We’re not sure we have the time for this one. We’re creatures of habit afterall, but in case you’re interested here’s how to pronounce your cooker…

Common pronunciation: mee – ell Correct pronunciation: meal – uh


This hasn’t been too much of a hindrance in our lives – we’ve never had to describe our car with this one small word. But just in case you’re lucky enough to own one (or you just like to day dream) then this is for you.

Common pronunciation: poor- sh Correct pronunciation: poor-sha


This one really got us, you see, we were just SO confident calling our kicks by their name and now we feel ever so slightly betrayed.

Common pronunciation: nigh – k
Correct pronunciation: nigh – key


Apparently this online supermarket also has a fancy name. If you think that’s a simple ‘O’ at the start then you’ve got another thing coming.

Common pronunciation: oh – car – doh Correct pronunciation: uh – car – doh


We might have known we were pronouncing this one wrong, but to be fair we haven’t had much practice at it.

Common pronunciation: her – meez Correct pronunciation: air – mez


Don’t show yourself up with this one, quickly get down the pronunciation to show how sophisticated and in the know you are. We won’t tell if you don’t…

Common pronunciation: mosh – ee – no Correct pronunciation: mosk – ee – no


There’s a sneaky ‘h’ sound in this one that you never new existed (as if life wasn’t complicated enough).

Common pronunciation: bull – gar – ee Correct pronunciation: bull – guh – ree


Another designer to add to the names you’re pronouncing wrong…

Common pronunciation: bal – main Correct pronunciation: bal – mah

So there you have it, you can sleep better tonight knowing you’re pronouncing all the above correctly from now on. You. Are. Welcome.