Aphrodisiacs 7 & 8: Honey and oysters

What is it?


Why is it an aphrodisiac?

It’s sweet and sticky and can be smothered over anything! Some research has also shown that honey can boost testosterone production because it’s rich in B vitamins.

The best ways to get the effects

Take him up some honey pancakes for breakfast in bed and then don’t move out of there all day!

What is it?


Why are they an aphrodisiac?

The way that oysters slide down your throat is sensual enough but they are also rich in zinc – another thing that boosts testosterone production. If that wasn’t enough already, they’ll increase your libido too.

The best ways to get the effects

A lot of Chinese recipes use oyster sauce in them such as our Chinese chicken stir-fry – or you could make a night of it at a tasty seafood restaurant, saving afters for the bedroom.

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