Aphrodisiacs 9 & 10: Strawberries and pineapple

What is it?

Strawberries and raspberries

Why are they an aphrodisiac?

Often described as fruit nipples, raspberries and strawberries are the perfect snack to feed to your partner. If you’ve been having problems in the bedroom lately – then these can also be used to treat impotence.

The best ways to get the effects

Just taking a box to bed with you can work a treat – get your man to put raspberries on the tips of his fingers and then suck them off one by one.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, we do have a lot of strawberry recipes or raspberry recipes that you could try

What is it?


Why is it an aphrodisiac?

Traditionally used in homeopathic treatments for impotence, pineapple is another good choice if things haven’t been happening lately.

The best ways to get the effects

Stick a slice on the edge of some delicious cocktails (but make sure you both eat it), and then feed each other the rest once you get upstairs.

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