The best sex positions for women to get the most out of sex

Looking to get the most out of your sex life? We've rounded up the best sex positions for women to make the most out of sex including ‘The Melody Maker’ and the thigh workout, ‘The Squat’ positions.

Sex positions for women don’t just aim to please her – done right, they should bring maximum satisfaction to both partners.

Sex can be an exciting part of a relationship, discovering each other’s bodies and what makes your partner tick in the bedroom – but did you know that about 70 percent of women do not have orgasms through intercourse alone?

While most women need direct clitoral stimulation through oral sex or manual stimulation to reach orgasm, there are plenty of sex positions that can help women get the most out of intercourse.

Sex positions for women: Her on top

Best sex positions

One of the classic positions that is great for getting a woman to reach orgasm is by her being on top. Simply get your partner to lie down on the bed with his legs out in front of him. Now climb on top like a cowgirl and let him penetrate you. This position is great because you get to control the level of penetration, speed and movement. It’s also a great view for your partner, but be warned that it can be tiring as you have to do all the work. Also, some women find that the deep penetration can hurt if their partner is quite large.

Sex positions for women: ‘The Squat’

Another position that is great for you is known as ‘The Squat’. Quite simply, he lies on the bed and you squat on top of him. Yup, that’s it. Then you raise yourself up and down on him, leaning on the bed, his hands or his chest. While you have to keep your balance and make sure you don’t tip forward – this position will stimulate you in ways you never thought possible.

Sex positions for women: ‘The Melody Maker’

Melody maker sex position_rex

This position is a bit trickier but is great for a mind-blowing orgasm. Take a chair or small footstool and sit on it sideways, leaning back so your head is pointed downwards. Now get your fella to kneel between your legs and penetrate you, holding onto his hands for support if needed. While it may feel odd at first, and you probably don’t want to stay in this position too long, having your head pointed down means that you’ll get an amazing rush of blood, especially when you reach orgasm. 

Sex positions for women: The Kneeling Fox

The Kneeling fox sex position

Similar to ‘doggy-style’ the Kneeling Fox is great for deep penetration, plus your man is doing all the hard work. On your hands and knees, lean forward on your arms while your partner grabs hold of your waist and enters you from behind. While it’s not the most romantic of positions, the sex will be fast and thrilling and great for G-spot stimulation.

Sex positions for women: The Good Spread 

sex position, sex_rex

Or, if you’re feeling particularly flexible you can give The Good Spread a go. This position is great for mind-blowing sex but best of all you’re in the driver’s seat. With your man lying flat on his back, you climb on top and slowly start to spread your legs out as far as you can get them. Then place your hands on his chest and rock back and forth. While the wider you spread your legs, the deeper the penetration however, the stretch of your legs means this position can start to hurt after a while.

There are so many other sex positions that can be great for a woman to get the most out of intercourse, so have some fun with your partner to discover which one works best for you.