New Fifty Shades of Grey trailer released

Another new teaser for Fifty Shades of Grey has just been released and it features the first sex scene *gasp*. So what are you waiting for? Feast your eyes on the new official trailer below.  

It seems like it’s been a long time coming for the highly anticipated release date of Fifty Shades of Grey. Oh, how we’ve been teased over the past year or so, with the changes in cast, the official pictures, the teaser trailer, the OFFICIAL trailer. And now we’ve been treated to another sneaky peek with another clip. You’ve only got a matter of weeks to wait until the Fifty Shades of Grey film comes out (February 13 2015), but play this on repeat and we reckon it’ll keep you happy in the meantime.

Watch the NEW Fifty Shades of Grey trailer below:

And here’s the first trailer below: 

Oh, and look what else we’ve got, stills from the film!

Oh hello.

Go away.



And we used to think grey days were a bad thing.

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