Foreplay tips: 16 foreplay ideas to spice up your sex life

What's the secret of fun foreplay and great sex? Your body hotspots - and not just the ones you knew about! We've got some great foreplay tips on your unusual erogenous zones and what your bloke can do to turn you on. We've also got a few foreplay tricks for you to try on him, too!

Foreplay is one of the most important elements of a healthy sex life – almost as important as the main event itself!

Spending time on foreplay with your partner will make sure you connect on a deeper level – and it will heighten your pleasure. If you’re not satisfied with your current foreplay or want to try something a bit different, our tips will come in very handy.
We’ve split our tips into special zones to focus on and ideas for ways to spice up your foreplay. First up – the foreplay focus zones.
Foreplay focus zone: Hair

The scalp is full of nerve endings that makes playing with your hair a big turn on.
What he can do: Men love playing with women’s hair. Get into the bath or shower together and get him to wash your hair and massage your scalp.
Oooh rating: If he’s got it right, you won’t want him to stop! 8/10