Get him in the mood… fast

So you’ve decided not to do anything extravagant this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun at home. Try these tips for getting your man in the mood and enjoy a fun and frisky night, without blowing the budget.

1. Kiss him differently

Nip out for a bit and when you return, instead of the usual ‘hello’ or peck on the cheek. Give your man a full blown snog. For the rest of the evening he’ll be putty in your hands!

2. Leave a trail

Send your bloke to the shops and run yourself a big bubble bath. Leave Post-its around the house, guiding your man to find you in the bath – then lure him in with you.

3. Be a sexy chef

Dig out your fanciest undies and cook your man a gorgeous meal wearing only them. Just make sure you stand back from the hob – a burned boob might kill the mood slightly!

4. Let him know what’s in store

If you’re out in the day time, or before the kids go to bed whisper to your man exactly what you’re planning to do to him later on. The anticipation and inability to touch you then and there will drive him crazy and by the time you’re alone, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

5. Get dolled up

If your fella is used to seeing you in trackies and a T-shirt, make an extra special effort and get really dressed up for him. Dig out your sexiest outfit, do your hair and put on some slap, when he sees you all glammed up he’ll be thrilled that you’ve made an effort and totally turned on.

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