‘He always eyes up other women’

Find out what's in this week's Woman magazineEvery week we partner up with our sister magazine, Woman, to bring you a secret and a real reader’s solution. This week, it’s about a husband who can’t stop looking at other women.

The secret

When I’m out with my husband, he keeps checking out the competition. It may be ‘just what men do’, but I’m so tired of it! Should I just accept his behaviour or speak up? It annoys me.

Cara says… Be assertive

I’m sure your husband wouldn’t like it if you kept looking at other men, so you need to tell him how this issue makes you feel.

Look at your relationship. Are you still comfortable with each other? Is your sex life active? If he’s not getting the love and attention he wants from you, he may feel the grass is greener, etc, and is too scared to tell you.

But if he says he just can’t help ‘looking’, even though nothing’s changed between you, you need to work at boosting your own self-esteem – assertiveness classes will help build your confidence.

Long-term, if he won’t change his ways, your new sense of worth will help you shape your future.
Cara Evans, 34, is a full-time student and the one friends and family always go to for advice.

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