‘Help, I’m obsessed with sex!’

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Hello, my name’s Beka. I’m 18 years old and I am sex-obsessed.

I had my first proper boyfriend when I was 15. We were together for 6 months. Whenever we got the chance we had sex – anytime, anywhere.

When we broke up, the thing that affected me the most was the fact that I wasn’t having sex.

Not long after we split, his twin brother started flirting with me. I was so upset that only 2 weeks after breaking up with my boyfriend, I found myself having sex with his twin!

This carried on for about a month until he decided he wasn’t interested any more. I then found myself begging him for sex. It wasn’t long before we were at it again – he’s as sex-mad as I am. We had sex at work – just the thought getting caught really turned me on.

It’s all over but he’s told everyone about it. The problem now is, I’ve fallen in love with him.

The fact that I’m not having sex is also driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do.

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