‘I cheated on a girls’ night out’

I’m in a long term relationship with my boyfriend but on a night out with friends I met a guy and by the middle of the night we were dancing and getting really close.

By closing time we were kissing passionately and he asked me to spend the night at his house and before I knew it I’d agreed and we were on our way to his.

Afterwards, when I was back at my own house with my boyfriend, I thought I was only attracted to this guy out of drunkness but the next time I saw him my stomach had butterflies and I realised that I liked him more than I thought.

I feel so guilty but I really think I’m in love with this other guy. I can’t stop thinking about him and what it would be like to date him. Should I leave my boyfriend and try things out with this guy or just try to forget about him?

I am so stressed and I know what I have done is completely wrong.


What do you think about K’s confession? Should she leave her man or try to put it all in the past? Have your say in the Comments section below…

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