‘I lied to stop my friend dating my best mate’

I was best friends with this person for two years. I found him drop dead gorgeous but I never let on that I was attracted to him.

Because I didn’t want to lose him as a friend, when we went out together for drinks etc, it always ended with us being flirty towards each other.

Then when we went our separate ways, we always sent flirty txt messages to each other.

One of my friends got interested in him so I told her something was going on between us because I didn’t want her to have him.

I know that was really selfish but I was jealous. I know he wasn’t interested in her, but I just had to make sure nothing would happen!

Nothing happened between us, so I started to date another chap instead – I guess my best mate only wanted me as a friend. But, he stopped talking to me after I started seeing my boyfriend.

I feel bad about telling people that something had gone on between us, when it never did! I don’t think he knows I said anything to anyone but it keeps playing on my mind… Should I just forget about it or say something? HELP!

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