Kama Sutra: The Congress of the Crow

Want to know more about the Kama Sutra? We've taken some of the most popular kama sutra positions and explained how you do them so you can spice up your sex life Kama Sutra style!

The Congress of the Crow position is part of the ancient Kama Sutra. Have you ever thought about trying the Kama Sutra? Yes, it’s been around for thousands of years, but it’s still one of the most popular books of all time and there’s a reason – it works! While some of the sex positions can be a little more tricky to work out, there are a whole host of positions you can try out with your partner however fit and flexible you both are – we promise! If you’ve found yourself intrigued by the famous ’69’, but wondered how to master it, the Congress of the Crow is the perfect place to start. Some find that oral sex is much more enjoyable than penetration, so this position is a great one to try with your partner. The position asks that you both lay on your sides, which not only means you’ll feel physically close to one another, but it requires minimal exertion too – a bonus after a hard day!

The Congress of the Crow: How to do it
This oral position is basically the same as the ’69’, in that it allows both of you to pleasure each other at the same time. Each of you lies in a semi-foetal positon with your head by the other’s privates, giving easy access to do what you like with them.

What’s great about it?
You both get equal pleasure at the same time. If you find it hard to climax with penetrative sex, then this oral sex position is the best way to really enjoy yourself and let yourself go. Your man will enjoy turning you on while you return the favour at the same time – what could be sexier?

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Kama Sutra rating: 4/5 Don’t concentrate too hard or you might forget to enjoy yourself!