Kama Sutra: Indrani

Want to know more about the Kama Sutra? We've taken some of the most popular kama sutra positions and explained how you do them so you can spice up your sex life Kama Sutra style!

The Indrani position is part of the ancient Kama Sutra. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to trying out sex positions with your other half. With busy schedules and a million and one things on the to do list, making the time to make love can be hard enough as it is, without adding new sex positions into the mix. But the Kama Sutra can be a great way to mix things up. Don’t worry, it’s not all crazy acrobatics! The ancient Kama Sutra is famous for a reason, and the Indrani is just one of the positions that you and your partner will enjoy. Couple who enjoy the missionary position will love trying the Indrani position. It allows you to keep eye contact with your partner while he can get as close to you as possible. It’s a win win!

Indrani: How to do it
Lie on your back with your knees bent up to your chest. Your man then kneels behind you and enters you. You can pull him towards you by clasping your hands behind his bum and rest your legs by his armpits or push your feet against his chest.

What’s great about it?
If your man is quite well endowed, this position will make it easier to ‘accommodate’ him. It also gives him the control, so you’ll both enjoy seeing how fast – or slow – he chooses to go. In this position you’ll feel maximum arousal. The way your legs are bent and with them pressed hard against your partner’s chest will, in turn, contract the muscles in your vagina, meaning an amazing experience for you.

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Kama Sutra rating: 4/5 This is a great one if you enjoy a lot of eye contact while you’re making love.