Kate’s wedding stress

Victoria Beckham isn’t the only one stressing out about the Royal Wedding. Now hears that princess-to-be Kate Middleton’s suffering too, as the pressure threatens to send her over the edge.

Despite the support of fiancé Prince William, 28, our royal insider says Kate’s struggling.

‘She’s a very shy person, so the thought of walking down the aisle with the whole world watching is sending her into a blind panic,’ reveals a friend.

‘She’s lost a lot of weight because she’s got no appetite and is going for long runs to get rid of her nervous energy.

‘She’s waking up in the middle of the night with the worry.’

The exhausted 29-year-old has endless daily meetings and huge to-do lists, but the friend says she’s desperate to not let anyone down: ‘She’s been having panic attacks because she feels everyone’s relying on the wedding to lift the nation’s spirits.

‘Any wedding is stressful, so times it by a million and have it broadcast live across the world and you get an idea of the pressure she’s under.’

Find out how Kate Middleton is calming her wedding nerves in Now magazine dated 14 March 2011 – out now!