Is spooning good for your health and can it improve your relationship?

Are you the big spoon or little spoon?
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  • It’s likely you’ll have heard of “spooning”, in the romantic sense, (we’re not talking about spoon feeding a baby, after all).

    But for those less clued-up, it’s a cuddling position which involves two people lying closely together – one facing away while the other person lies behind, stomach to back.

    The one being cuddled is “little spoon” while the person behind is the “big spoon.”

    It’s likely that anyone who engages in a spoon will feel a lot better for it – there’s even science behind it.

    We spoke to relationship expert Rachel Lloyd, from eharmony, about how spooning can not only benefit your health but your relationship, too.

    Is spooning good for your health?

    A hormone called oxytocin – which is affectionately known as the cuddle chemical or love hormone – is released when two people spoon, alongside dopamine and serotonin.

    So no wonder it feels so great.

    Rachel says, “We can often overlook the considerable psychological benefits of being affectionate in a relationship.

    “Being physically close with someone releases oxytocin and serotonin – along with other ‘happy’ hormones – which are known to boost your mood and bring couples closer. And, the humble act of spooning can really deepen feelings of intimacy.”

    What’s more, spooning can help your nervous system relax and improve immune health too.

    Rachel explains, “The release of these feel-good hormones helps to counterbalance stress hormones such as cortisol in the body. This boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety.”

    Great news all round.

    Can spooning help a relationship?

    Our skin is the largest organ we have and the skin-to-skin contact which occurs during spooning makes us feel safe with our partner. Much like how a crying baby is soothed by skin contact.

    Rachel adds, “Some couples spoon all night which means that even when they’re asleep they are held in an easy embrace, which signals to their brains they’re safe and loved.”

    Rachel also believes that spooning signals intimacy and shows that a couple is fully comfortable with one another.

    She adds, “If you spoon, your sex life will probably be healthier too.

    “Moments of tender contact from hugging to hand-holding or spooning are intrinsically part of being intimate with your partner. This helps build a solid foundation for sexual intimacy.”

    How can you make spooning work for you and your partner?

    We asked on our Facebook page which of you prefer to spoon and which of you prefer to sleep separately, and the results were pretty similar.

    Most like to cuddle up and spoon for a bit until you fall asleep, but then seek some space for yourself!

    Georgette said, “We cuddle for a bit then go our seperate ways! I prefer laying on my right side, him on his left so we end up facing away from each other!”

    Stacy said, “My partner and I cuddle or spoon until we fall asleep then we both fidget all night.”

    Tony said, “There is no point in going to bed together if you are not going to have a cuddle, good for both souls.”

    On your marks, get set…spoon!