Let’s talk about spooning…

Are you the big spoon or little spoon?

What is spooning and how is it different to a cuddle?

What is spooning?

We’ve all heard what it is (a type of laying down on your side couple cuddle, with one person – the small spoon – facing away and the other – the big spoon – cuddling into their back, for those still in the dark!), but why has something so simple become such a staple in relationships today?

With the question ‘what is spooning?’ taking seventh place on Google’s most asked ‘what is…’ questions of the year list, we thought we’d take a look at the art of spooning and what it means for so many of you!

What’s the difference between spooning and cuddling?

We all enjoy a good cuddle, whether it’s with a partner, a friend, a parent or the kids. But while spooning can also be nonsexual, it is usually an intimate act reserved for couples. Of course spooning can start as a simple comfortable position to lay or sleep in, but it can also bring the added benefits of leading to something sexier…!

Why do we spoon?

The spooner (usually the taller partner or the man) has the advantage of being able to wrap their arms around the person they’re spooning, creating a really close connection between the two. The position can help to promote a sense of security, and couples who feel more secure are more likely to enjoy a fulfilled sex life.

Professor Stuart Brody, a sexual psychologist from the University of Paisley, has suggested that spooning can help to relieve stress in men as cortisone, the stress hormone, is reduced in the body when couples are in the spooning position.

And the benefits don’t stop there! Susan Quilliam, Durex Embrace pleasure gels sex and relationship expert, says ‘It gives a wonderful full body contact, a shared warmth, a feeling of connection, a sense of protecting and being protected. It’s less full on than hugging directly, and so it’s a great way to lie when you’re falling asleep as it means you’re together but (literally) less in each other’s faces.’

And what about when things get steamy?

Susan also believes that spooning is great for sex. ‘Classic spooning allows him to enter you from behind in a relaxed way – this position takes hardly any effort so it can be great for when you’re both tired. And if you don’t like pressure on your stomach (perhaps if you’re pregnant), then spooning is the answer.’

How can you make spooning work for you and your partner?

We asked on our Facebook page which of you prefer to spoon and which of you prefer to sleep seperately, and the results were pretty similar: most of you like to cuddle up and spoon for a bit until you fall asleep, and then seek some space for yourself!

Georgette said ‘We cuddle for a bit then go our seperate ways! I prefer laying on my right side, him on his left so we end up facing away from each other!’

Stacy said ‘My partner and I cuddle or spoon until we fall asleep then we both fidget all night.’

Tony said ‘There is no point in going to bed together if you are not going to have a cuddle, good for both souls.’

This is great; spooning all night while you sleep isn’t really an option for most of us with differing body temperatures, sleeping patterns and the occasional snorer! But just the act of falling asleep so cuddled up can work wonders for your intimacy as a couple.

On your marks, get set…spoon!