Making time for your man

Your 7-step plan

1. It’s important to tell your partner why you love him and what makes him such a great dad. Say something positive every day.

2. Stop criticising each other. When you’re both feeling tired, it can be easy to slip into the habit of being negative.

3. Stop talking about how tired you feel. It doesn’t help, it just makes you feel more tired.

4. Touch each other often. Just as you enjoy the feel of your baby’s skin next to yours, get into the habit of giving your partner a cuddle.

5. Give each other a short break in the evenings, just 15 minutes doing something relaxing will make a huge difference.

6. Your partner isn’t a mind reader. Talk to him about your feelings. Be specific about the emotional or practical support you want.

7. Surprise your partner by arranging a baby-sitter and going out on a ‘date’. This is a child-free zone, so no ‘baby talk’ please!
Lorraine Thomas, chief executive of The Parent Academy and mum of two