‘My dad’s having an affair’

I found out about a month ago that my dad was having an affair. I borrowed his mobile phone to send a text message and while I was using it I saw some pictures of him with another woman and read messages that she’d sent him.

I thought I’d keep it to myself because I didn’t want anyone to get upset or hurt, but the other night I was out with an old friend of my mum’s and after a few drinks, I blurted it out.

She reminded me the next morning about what I’d told her and she revealed that she already knew and its been going on for about a year.

I want to tell my mum but I think my family would all hate me. I think my mum deserves to know but I don’t want my family to fall apart. What should I do ? It’s making me really angry at my dad.


What do you think about Polly’s confession? Should she drop her dad in it or save her mum’s feelings by keeping quiet? Have your say in the comments section below

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