Fans rush to Nadia Sawalha’s defence after Loose Women star’s husband drops divorce bombshell

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  • Nadia Sawalha has shared a video ranting about her marriage on Instagram, after her husband admitted he considered ending their relationship before.

    The TV star hit the account she shares with Kaye Adams to discuss moment husband Mark Adderley quipped that he considered ending their relationship as she struggled with menopause.

    ‘I’ve come in here into the bathroom so that Mark can’t hear me but we were just filming our podcast and he said that there was a point in my menopause where he thought about divorcing me,’ she said.

    ‘Apparently I was being very, very difficult. Me? Difficult? In my menopause? What the hell does he mean?’

    It’s clear that the comment really struck a chord with the 53-year-old. She continued: ‘I could really smash this whole house up I could really tear my own hair out, I could really kick the car in – those are all perfectly reasonable things to say.’

    Followers of the presenter were quick to share their own opinions on the situation, with many leaping to her defence.

    ‘As if menopause is grounds for divorce!! They don’t have to put up with all the stuff that goes on inside us, if I could run away from myself sometimes it would be heaven’, said one.

    Another added: ‘I imagine most husbands have thought this when they are caught in the eye of the menopausal storm. Poor wee lambs-NOT!!!!!’

    A regular panellist on ITV’s Loose Women, Nadia frankly discussed the changes her body has been going through with her colleagues on the show last year.

    ‘I – ever since my menopause – I am having the most terrible night’s sleep night after night’, she revealed.

    ‘I have had an hour in make up and I can tell you, this is all fake, how bad did I look this morning?

    ‘And I feel like a lot of my life is fake where I’m just pretending I feel great when I’m exhausted.’