Outdoor sex tips

Ever thought about it but wondered if you could get away with it? Or got carried away on holiday and always longed to try it again? We give you location ideas, danger ratings and advice for a thrilling bit of alfresco fun.

If you’re bored of the bedroom, sex outside could be just the way to liven up your love life – just follow our guide and make sure you don’t get caught!

Sex tips for the great outdoors

A lot of people think that having sex outdoors is against the law – well, it’s not.

The law is a little confusing, but the 2003 Sexual Offences Act doesn’t actually ban having sex outside.

What it does outlaw, though, is indecent exposure in a public place. This means that, if you’re caught having sex or performing another sexual act and the person takes offence and reports it, you and your partner risk a maximum of 6 months in prison or a £5,000 fine – so it’s worth being careful.

But the law also says that you should act within the boundaries of taste and decency – this basically means that if you have sex in an isolated place, where you can expect not to be disturbed, then it’s fine.

Find out more about the Sexual Offences Act from legislation.gov.uk.

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