Sex positions standing up: The best sex positions that involve standing up

Sex positions standing up can be tricky; it’s never quite as sexy as they make it out in the movies!

All that pent up sexual frustration that leads to you both trying to rip each other’s clothes off and have wild passionate sex actually ends up with you fumbling to undo a button and then losing your balance.

But while it may not be as spontaneous, if you take a few moments to arrange yourselves there are ways to enjoy sex standing up which will give you a deep penetration and him a real thrill.

Sex positions standing up: The ‘Classic’

Sex positions standing up

One way that is great for hitting your G-spot is if you turn to face a wall and stand around two feet in front of your man and stick your bum out a little. He then enters you from behind as you both thrust into each other. While it may take a while to find your rhythm, it’s definitely easier than trying this position face-to-face.

Sex positions standing up: The ‘ManHandle Her’ position

The manhandle her

Or you can try The ManHandle Her, which is great for you as your man gets to play with you in all the right places. Stand in front of him and get yourself into a position where it’s easy for him to enter you from behind (you might need to bend forward to start with) and then slowly straighten up, ensuring his penis stays in you. If you find it awkward, then you can stay leaning forwards, in which case he can still hold onto you. Then when you’re both ready, he can start thrusting – there’s not a whole lot you need to do except lean back and enjoy yourself!

This position is great because your partner is free to roam your body with his hands while he’s thrusting, meaning he can rub your breasts and clitoris at the same time, helping you achieve a better orgasm.

Sex positions standing up: Corridor Canoodling

Sex positions - corridor canoodle

But if you just fancy an afternoon delight, then the Corridor Canoodling is for you – although your partner will need to have some strength in his legs. First, you need to find an area where two walls are close together, a great place to look is your bathroom. Then, he leans against one wall and shuffles down so he’s in a sitting position with his feet pushed against the other wall/ bath. You then climb on top of him with his legs supporting your whole weight and let your feet dangle either side. You then go for it like you would in a sitting position thrusting back and forth on top of him.

Probably best suited for spontaneous sex, unless your partner has thighs to rival Thor, this position is a real thrill once you have the hang of it.