Sexplanations: ‘Divorce is turning me on’

Every week we partner with our sister magazine, Woman, to bring you expert sexual health advice from Christine Webber, a qualified psychotherapist with her own Harley Street practice.

The problem

My husband left me for another woman and I’m devastated. But strangely, even though I’m right off men, I’ve found I want sex more. I’d like a vibrator but I haven’t got the courage to go into a shop and buy one. I could shop online but don’t know where to start. Can you help?

The solution

Your husband’s infidelity has really hurt you, but your sudden need for sex isn’t as strange as you might think.

Sometimes, when we’re massively upset, we can get quite overwhelmed by sexy sensations. Doubtless, the past few months have been very emotional for you indeed.

Some women may also find they experience horny feelings as they imagine their ex with his new lover. Although they feel terrible pain about it, they also get a sexually curious thrill. But trust me, your responses are entirely normal.

Now, what about a vibrator? The good news is that there are several great online sex shops run by women for women. There’s a range called Emotional Bliss. These vibrators are co-designed by relationship expert Julia Cole. You can buy them at

There’s also a wonderful sex shop and website called Sh! at, which has a number of elegantly sleek items available. The Tuyo Massaging Vibrator, which is black and Art Deco-ish is, apparently, great fun! And Passion 8 at, recommends the Elise Pearl White.

These designer vibrators don’t come cheap – ranging from £45 to £75 – but they promise to deliver some ecstatically exciting sensations. Enjoy!

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