Sexplanations: ‘Our love life needs a boost’

Every week we partner up with our sister magazine, Woman, to bring you expert sexual health advice from Christine Webber, a qualified psychotherapist with her own Harley Street practice.

The problem

‘I’ve been married for 10 years. We’re very happy, but my husband would like much more sex. We run a business from home and often work in the evenings, and we’ve got two kids. Weeks often go by without us getting together. How can I rescue our love life?’

The answer

The first thing you need to do is make a resolution to have more sex. It should put a smile on your husband’s face and bring you both plenty of pleasure and relaxation.

So, how can you achieve this? You need to do two things. Firstly tune your mind in to sex and romance. Second, make time for your love life. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
* Go and buy yourself some beautiful lingerie. You’ll be more in the mood for sex if you know you look gorgeous.
* Make time to read erotic novels. Women are often seriously turned on by ‘naughty stories’. And by stimulating your mind with ‘hot’ literature, you’ll put yourself in the mood for love.
* You could try visiting a sex education site such as This will open your mind to new sexual positions and techniques. You could also look at our sex toys feature and find an intriguing range of fun toys for grown-ups!
* Finally, plan to have sex at least twice a week. Decide early in the day when you’re up for it and tell your husband you want an ‘early night’. That way, you’ll have all day to get your mind in gear for sex, so you should be smouldering and raring to go by bedtime. Enjoy!

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