Sexplanations: ‘Why do I feel oversexed?’

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The problem

I’ve been dating a man for the last six months. The sex is great, but even though I climax, I feel frustrated. Last night, I went to the bathroom and gave myself another climax. I’ve heard of women being multi-orgasmic, but at 39 shouldn’t I be cooling down a bit, not heating up?

The advice

One of the bonuses of getting older is that women often get sexier. We tend to become more confident, and more aware of what it takes to make us come. We often also become multi-orgasmic, and I think this is what’s happening to you. So, what should you do?

Well, I reckon you should talk to your man about this. He’ll doubtless be delighted that he turns you on so much that you want more than one climax. And I bet he’ll be thrilled to help you have as many orgasms as you want.

One way of doing this is for him to give you one or two orgasms with his fingers or tongue before you both have intercourse. Or he could just bring you to more climaxes after you’ve both had one.

The only drawback to this is that many men feel drowsy, or indeed fall asleep, right after they’ve climaxed, so it’s usually better for you to get as many as you want before he’s finished. As a general rule, if women feel vaguely unsatisfied despite having had a climax, this usually means that they can go on and have more.

I’m not saying that having several orgasms is necessarily better than having one big one. But being multi-orgasmic is something that just happens to some of us from our mid-30s onwards. So enjoy it!

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