Sexplanations: ‘Will my toyboy leave me?’

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The problem

My boyfriend is 10 years my junior. He’s boosted my confidence after my recent divorce, but he’s so selfish in bed. He never gives me an orgasm – just has his own climax then nods off. It’s frustrating but I don’t want us to part. I’m already worried he’ll leave me due to the age gap.

The solution

You’re worried that this guy may leave you – because he’s younger than you. Bu there are no guarantees in any relationship. No one can ever assume that their current partner will last for life.

And bear in mind that celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Guy Ritchie have both been with their older partners for yonks, while more and more women have toyboy lovers.

However, is you do have a problem, in that this guy has no bedroom manners. Maybe he’s just ignorant, not selfish. Men aren’t born knowing how a woman’s body works. He may think that humping away at you is enough. So educate him!

Be patient. Show him what you want. And then praise him extravagantly when you get it. Get him to give you an all-over massage. Also show him what sort of caresses and stimulation work for you. He should find this exciting!

And don’t forget oral sex. He may be unsure how to please you, but experiment…

With luck he’ll turn into a sex god. If he doesn’t, stop worrying about being dumped and start thinking about dumping him instead. Plenty more fish in the sea!

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