Sexplanations – Your problems answered

Every week we partner up with our sister magazine, Woman, to bring you expert sexual health advice from Christine Webber, a qualified psychotherapist with her own Harley Street practice.

The problems

June 19: ‘He’s sore after sex’ NEW!
June 12: ‘Is it wrong to fantasise about sexy men?’
June 5: ‘We can’t find time for sex’ NEW!
May 29: ‘Being so big is a turn off’
May 22: ‘He’s hooked on internet porn’
May 15: ‘Sex is over too soon’
May 7: ‘Divorce is turning me on’
April 30:’How can I improve our sex life?’
April 23: ‘I’ve gone off sex with my lazy husband’
April 16: ‘I’m ashamed of our drunken sex’
April 9: ‘I want my sex life back’
April 2: ‘Why am I not pregnant yet?’
March 19: ‘He uses me for sex then leaves’
March 12: ‘My bedtime look turns him off’
March 5: ‘I’m scared to admit I’m gay’
February 27: ‘He can’t perform without viagra’
February 20: ‘My sex life’s just so boring now
February 12: I never orgasm during sex
February 5: ‘I’m worried he’s not normal’
January 29: ‘He’s jealous of my vibrator’
January 22: ‘I want sex to be romantic again’
January 15: ‘He wants us to have anal sex’
January 8: ‘She wants to watch us having sex’
December 11: ‘I was told masturbation’s wrong
December 4th: ‘I’m tempted to cheat
November 27: ‘I’m 35 and have never had sex
November 20: ‘How can I make sure I climax?
November 13: ‘He wants to spank me’
November 6: ‘Is good sex enough?
October 23: ‘He caught me satisfying myself’
October 16: ‘He’s always in control’
October 2: ‘Is sex outdoors illegal?’
September 25: ‘Can the Pill ruin sex?’
September 18: ‘I hate the taste of oral sex’
September 11: ‘My fiancĂ© cheated on me’
September 4: ‘He can’t please me in bed’
August 28: ‘My new man is impotent’
August 21: ‘Will my toyboy leave me?’
August 14: ‘My new man’s a bully in bed’
August 7: ‘Baby-making turns him off’
July 31: ‘I need to liven up my sex life’
July 24: ‘He hates oral sex’
July 17: ‘Where’s my G-Spot?’
July 10: ‘My weight’s a passion killer’
July 3: ‘I have lesbian fantasies’
June 26: ‘I’m scared of being alone’
June 19: ‘I have a high sex drive’
June 12: ‘He had a one-night stand’
June 5: ‘I fancy my brother-in-law’
May 30: ‘He’s too busy for bedtime frolics!’
May 23: ‘I slept with my ex-fiance’
May 16: ‘I’m worried he’s gone off me’
May 9: ‘He sees me as a sex object’
May 2: ‘Scared to give my lover the push’
May 2: ‘Our love life needs a boost’

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