The ultimate sex bucket list

This is the ultimate sex bucket list - 50 things you have got to try sexually before you die. Have a look at the sexual things everyone should experience, and see how many you've done!

Ever heard of a bucket list? It’s a list of things you should do before you die. And, seeing as how sex is loads of fun, we’ve put together this rather naughty sex bucket list for you to check out. We’re not saying you’ve got to try them all, but take a look through and see how many you’ve done and which ones you’d like to. (Just make sure your kids – or boss – aren’t anywhere nearby!)

Sex is all about having fun, exploring yourself and your partner and enjoy every minute of it from head to toe. Our sex bucket list contains a variety of different sexual activities that you can do at home, on holiday or even somewhere scandalous, like the back seat of your car.

If you fancy trying something new with your partner, or just for yourself, then browse through our sex bucket list for inspiration. We’ve got plenty to try out!