The world’s best and worst lovers!

Ever wondered what we’re like as a nation in bed? Countries across the world have been rated to see which have the best or worst male lovers!

British men are just not pulling their weight in the bedroom department according to the survey of 15,000 well-traveled ladies. Far too lazy, our British lads are leaving women across the globe feeling unfulfilled and frankly… bored! Germans have been branded unhygienic and a little on the smelly side in bed, and as for the Swedes, well they’re just too quick for their own good.

Greeks are too slushy and cheesy, Scots are too loud, Welsh are selfish in bed, and Americans are far too bossy!

And it comes as no surprise to us ladies that the latino countries like Spain, Brazil, and Italy are living up to their romantic image and have topped the list as the world’s best lovers.

World’s worse lovers

World’s best lovers

1. Germany – too smelly 1. Spain
2. Britain – too lazy 2. Brazil
3. Sweden – too quick 3. Italy
4. Holland – too dominating 4. France
5. America – too rough 5. Ireland
6. Greece – too lovey-dovey 6. South Africa
7. Wales – too selfish 7. Australia
8. Scotland – too loud 8. New Zealand
9. Turkey – too sweaty 9. Denmark
10. Russia – too hairy 10. Canada


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