Viewers left ‘disgusted’ as they brand sex toy review on This Morning as ‘smutty’

This Morning has received multiple complaints after reviewing sex toys during their morning slot on ITV.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield weren’t so serious, with the pair not being able to keep straight faces throughout the discussion with sex therapist Tracey Cox.

Talking about an array of vibrators Holly and Phillip were in fits of giggles during the short section of the show. The sex toys had been tested by women and couples at home, which they then talked about via video clips on the show – marking them out of 10 and discussing their merits.

Apparently the section on the show was inspired by a piece in Good Housekeeping magazine that encouraged women to make an ‘informed choice’ by getting all the facts about various vibrators before purchasing, with Tracey pointing out that more people than ever are using sex aids. Holly playfully pointed out that sales of sex toys were ‘on the up’.

Reading about them in print seemed to be as far as This Morning viewers wanted to go though, as fans of the show took to social media to express their upset over the topic that was being screened into their living rooms so early on a Wednesday morning.

In one tweet, which has now been deleted, follower Angelina said, ‘there’s a time and a place for this kind of smut and it’s not 10:30 in the morning!’

Jenna Jackson seemed to feel the same, tweeting: ‘Testing vibrators on a random Wednesday morning?? Seriously??’ while Rebecca Latchman said it was ‘personally not something I want to watch over my lunch. Second how about children and others not comfortable.’

[twitter][/twitter][twitter][/twitter][twitter][/twitter][twitter][/twitter]Others on Facebook agreed with the above, by pointing out that the show should have been more careful about the possibility of younger viewers. Jenny Farnsworth took to Facebook to say, ‘Day time TV should be family friendly. Remember there must be thousands of parents at home with CHILDREN on either half term or possibly off school due to illness. Think before you put adult stuff on before the water shed please.’

Another user, Sue Alexander agreed saying: ‘Is this necessary for morning TV? You have really sunk to a low level.’

What do you think about the section? Harmless fun or inappropriate? Let us know in the comments below!