Santa eats how many calories!?

Just when you thought you’d eaten a few too many mince pies and Christmas treats this year, think again!

Because experts have calculated the ‘science of Santa’ and discovered that by visiting 5,556 homes a second on Christmas eve, with presents costing £279.27 billion and wrapped in 1.6 million miles of wrapping paper, Santa will consume a whopping 150 billion calories on the night!

And it’s hardly surprising when you hear that he is treated to enough milk to fill over 50 Olympic swimming pools and 40,000 tonnes of mince pies, taking him 60,000 times over his daily intake!

The research, carried out by The Big Bang UK Young Scientists Engineers Fair and the CEBR, also calculated that Santa would need a warehouse the size of 240,000 double-decker buses to fit all the presents inside. And we thought fitting all ours under the bed and away from prying eyes was tricky!

With 1.6 billion children to deliver presents to it sounds like Santa definitely has his work cut out, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of some milk and mince pies!