‘I don’t want to be perfect’ Stacey Solomon shares confident pic of her ‘naturally curvy body’

Loose Women regular Stacey Solomon has wowed fans with a stunning snap of herself in a bikini, where she’s positively oozing confidence.

The ITV favourite took to Instagram to share a message of positivity with her 439k followers, telling them that although she wouldn’t normally share such a revealing pic, she felt ‘so happy’ with her body.

Alongside a photograph of herself in a dazzling green sparkly bikini and matching silk kimono, the mum-of-two wrote: ‘Chilling on my balcony today feeling super mermaidy!’

‘I took this pick and don’t usually post bikini pics but really proud of my naturally curvy body and after doing @loosewomen #bodystories campaign I am so happy with who I am and what I look like I don’t want to be perfect I would rather celebrate my “imperfections”.’

She continued: ‘Mum hips rule and I can always tie my boobs up to whatever height I want them to be at with a bikini like this haha.’

The singer is currently in Dubai, where she will be performing a set this weekend. She’s already shared a few snaps from her holiday, including one of herself feeling ‘slightly small and insignificant’ running through some sand dunes in the desert.

Her fans have been quick to praise her for her message and her sunny outlook on life.

‘If I could be anything like you as a human/girl/mother i wouldcbe proud. You are such an inspiration and i look up to you so much. So beautiful inside and out x,’ wrote one commenter.

Another said: ‘For heavens sake @staceysolomon is there anything you look crap in? Everything you wear you look stunning!! Great figure too, so jealous….nah the green in my eyes isn’t jealousy, its the reflection off your kaftan.’

‘That’s a figure to be very proud of @staceysolomon stunning lovely lady xxx💛❤’ said a third.

The Loose Women #MyBodyMyStory campaign was launched back in May to encourage all women to love their bodies, and involved many of the panellists stripping off the black swimwear to show other women to embrace their imperfections.

‘I hope this photoshoot shows women and men is that in most celebrity pictures there has been some form of airbrushing or retouching – so they shouldn’t compare themselves to unrealistic ideals,’ Stacey said at the time.