11 things you didn’t know you could do with Sudocrem

Sudocrem might not make the most glamorous addition to your bathroom shelf, but there's a whole lot of Sudocrem uses hidden away in that little tub.

These Sudocrem uses extend far beyond being a good nappy rash cream and prove it’s a versatile bathroom staple. There are so many Sudocrem uses that you may not previously have considered but once you read this list you’ll be amazed!

The ‘miracle’ cream can be used on anything from cuts and minor burns to skin conditions and even as a face mask for problem skin.

Intrigued? Read on to find out the 11 very surprising Sudocrem uses for that little red and grey pot…

11 clever Sudocrem uses:

Sudocrem uses for adults

sudocrem uses stop chaffing

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Stop chafing

You know what we’re talking about; a hot summer’s day, a skirt or dress, and a long walk in the park, and you’re on a one way train to chafing city. Applying some Sudocrem to the thighs and any other areas that are rubbing can ease the pain and make movement far more comfortable.

sudocrem uses


Create a hair dye barrier

Ever found yourself with a nice halo of hair dye colour around your forehead after applying an at-home kit? Putting a layer of Sudocrem along the skin and around other nearby areas like the ears will defend it against the dye.

sudocrem uses

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Perfect your plucking

In a similar stroke of beauty-inspired genius, Sudocrem is also fab for reducing redness and soothing the sore skin that comes with plucking your eyebrows. Some women even say they use it on their legs after a wax as well!

sudocrem uses

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Calm chilblains

Another condition which causes small, itchy swellings, chilblains cause swollen, irritated skin in the extremeties when you’ve been out in the cold for too long. Sudocrem can help to ease pain – but you should always see a doctor if your chilblains don’t heal within a few weeks, or show signs of infection.

sudocrem uses


Reduce scars

We’ve already touched on acne scars above, but we’ve also heard that Sudocrem can also aid the healing and reduction of other scars, and cut down on the itchy associated with stretchmarks, especially during pregnancy. As with any topical product, you should stop if you experience any irritation, but you could find it has the opposite, very soothing, effect…

Sudocrem uses for baby and children

sudocrem uses

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Heal cuts and burns

Lots of people report that Sudocrem is essentially a ‘magic cream’ for everyday cuts, scrapes and minor burns. As the brand explains: ‘it helps to heal wounds by forming a protective layer over the vulnerable area, reducing the risk of infection, and also contains a mild local anaesthetic to soothe discomfort.’

sudocrem uses


Ease molluscum

A viral infection that’s most common in children, molluscum causes firm, raised papules (spots) that develop on the skin, and can get extremely itchy. Whilst the NHS advises that it is harmless and will usually clear up on its own, many mums and dads swear by Sudocrem to offering a bit of much-needed relief.

sudocrem uses


Improve insect bites

Holidays tend to be spoiled by one of two things: insect bites and sunburn. Pop a pot of Sudocrem in your suitcase and you should be able to keep on top of both – for insect bites, simply dab on for relief from itching…

sudocrem uses


Recover from sunburn

…and for sunburn, rub (gently!) into the sore area to speed up the skin’s recovery and reduce the symptoms simultaneously. It’s also said to be good for prickly heat.

Sudocrem uses on face

sudocrem uses


Use Sudocrem for spots

Cheryl and the TOWIE girls are both said to be fans of using Sudocrem for spots. When applied directly to spots, a small amount of Sudocrem can reduce both size and redness, and help to clear skin far more quickly.

sudocrem uses, face mask

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Sudocrem face mask

As if it’s acne-busting properties weren’t enough, you can apply a Sudocrem face mask as a preventative measure – it helps to heal any existing blemishes and protect against further infection. Apparently, all you need to do is apply a thin layer to your skin once a week (it’s drying if used too often) and leave overnight. We’ll be making that one part of our Sunday night ritual…

Sudocrem eczema: Can Sudocrem help soothe eczema?

sudocrem uses


Soothe sore skin

Sudocrem is good for other skin conditions as well, with sufferers of everything from eczema to psoriasis reporting positive results when massaged into the affected area. It’s thanks to the combo of ingredients, including hypoallergenic lanolin, an emollient that soothes and softens skin, zinc oxide, which reduces the loss of fluid and a water-repellent excipient base to create a protective seal.

What are your favourite Sudocrem uses? Whether it’s a Sudocrem face mask or you use your Sudocrem for spots, we’d love to hear your best Sudocrem uses over on our Facebook page…