6 easy Swiss ball exercises

Swiss balls, exercise balls, gym balls… whatever you like to call them they are a great exercise tool so don’t let yours gather dust in the corner of the room! The instability or wobbly nature of the ball means your body has to work harder to keep balanced, which is great for exercising your abs and back muscles. What’s more, it’s a great exercise tool as you can keep one at home!

But, if you’re anything like us, you would have bought a Swiss ball with the best intentions of using it and then not known the best exercises to do on it. But, we went to see the experts at Fitness First who have shown us 6 easy Swiss ball exercises to do that’ll tone, strengthen and shape us up.

See our video for some easy exercises you can do with a Swiss ball, great for exercising your core muscles and a great way of getting fit in your own living room.

Swiss ball exercises:

  1. Wall squats- Stand with your Swiss ball behind your back and lean against a wall. Gently sqaut down, keeping your tummy muscles tight and your back straight. Keep your arms out straight in front of you. Do 15 squats, rest and repeat 5 times. Wall squats are a great way to tone up all over, the squatting will do wonders for your bottom and toning up your legs.
  2. Press ups – Start in a plank position, with your hands on the Swiss ball, and gently
    lower your whole body to the ball, without touching it. Then, push
    yourself back up so your arms straighten. Do 10 press ups, rest and repeat 4
    times. Press ups will work all different parts of your body, from your back, to your arms and your tum.
  3. Leg curls – Start with your feet on a Swiss ball and your bum suspended in the air,
    making your body a straight and strong line. Then curl the ball in
    towards your back and back out again. Do this 10 times, rest and repeat 4
    times. Leg curls will tone your tummy,
    legs and back all at once! 
  4. Stir the pot – Start in a kneeling position with your elbows on your Swiss ball, then, making sure your tummy muscles are tight and your back is straight, stire the ball with your elbows. Do 10 circles clockwise and 10 anticlockwise, before resting, and repeating 4 times. You can always make this exercise harder by leaning on the ball in a plank position and doing the same stirring motion. The stir the pot exercise will give your tum muscles a good workout.
  5. Knee tucks – Start in a plank position and gently lift your feet up onto the ball, so the laces of your trainers are touching the Swiss ball. Then use your feet to push and pull the ball, towards and away from your body. Do 10 tucks, rest and repeat 5 times. The knee tucks really will give you a full body toning session, so if you’re wanting to tone up all over, then knee tucks are a great exercise to start with.
  6. Superman – Lay on the Swiss ball with your tummy on the ball, lift and stretch your opposite arms and legs out, so you look like Superman! Do 20, rest and repeat 4 times. The Superman will tone up any wobbly thighs and also help strengthen your back.

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