The Angel at No.33 by Polly Williams – review

What’s The Angel at No.33 about? After Sophie, a fun-loving 30-something mum is run over by a bus, she continues to watch over her husband Ollie, son Freddie and best friend Jenny as they all adjust to life after her death. There’s so much she wants to communicate to them: After all, her husband once watered a houseplant for a year before realising it was plastic and Jenny is about to get married and there’s something Sophie desperately needs to tell her. How will they cope without her?

goodtoknow says:

The Angel at No.33 is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Sophie’s narration is witty, intimate and never sappy, and Williams manages to find humour even in the darkest moments. Sophie’s descriptions of the little things she misses made us feel grateful for the simple things in our own lives.

Rating: 9/10

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