The great sex workout: Follow our 7-night sex exercise plan!

Ladies, step away from those crosstrainers, and forget that crazy diet plan, there’s a more effective (not to mention more fun) way to lose weight and get in shape. And it involves him at home!

We know that after a long day running around after the family, getting through the million and one jobs on the to do list and then finding the time to get some exercise is no easy feat. So why not cut out the gym, save some pennies, and get closer to your partner in the process? You’ll be surprised when you find out just how many calories sex burns!

Did you know that if you were to try a new sex position every night for a week, you could burn a staggering 970 calories? And if you stick to this plan for a month you’ll burn 4780 calories – the equivalent to a large takeaway and a bottle of wine!

So, forget the gym and strict diets, instead burn calories and lose weight with our sexy exercise plan – you’ll look slimmer, feel better, it’ll bring you closer to your partner and it’s free!

Love calories

We can’t believe these things could help us burn this many calories…

  • An orgasm can burn between 60-100 calories
  • Sex gives you an aerobic workout, helps you to sleep, releases happy hormones and stimulates the immune system
  • 30 minutes of kissing burns 90 calories and it has a great toning effect on the face and neck muscles – goodbye jowls!
  • Oral sex can burn off the equivalent of a small glass of wine and semen contains high levels of vitamin C and protein, which helps to curb hunger
  • Masturbation can burn between 100-150 calories in 30 minutes
  • So, what are you waiting for? Do 30 minutes of any one of our seven sexy positions, or mix it up and play around with a couple of positions, as long as you have 30 minutes of passion every night – you’ll burn fat.

    Position 1: Dirty Dancing

    The man needs to lean back on a wall facing the woman, holding her. The woman straddles the man and can use one leg hooked around his legs or hips for balance. Both of you rock together rather than just the man thrusting.

    If the man holds onto the woman’s thighs and pulls her closer she can work her abdominal muscles to move. If you want to work your waistline too, rotate your hips in a circular motion.

    Burns: 150 calories
    Equivalent to: 50g chocolate ice cream
    For her: Tummy, hips and waist For him: Thighs, calves and arms

    Position 2: Happy Anniversary

    Get the man to lay down on the bed with his bum on the end of the bed and his feet resting on the floor. Now climb on top with your legs either side and slide down onto him. You are now in control, although he can use his legs to keep the rhythm going.

    Burns: 170 calories
    Equivalent to: A chocolate bar such as a Cadbury’s Flake
    For her: Bottom, hips and thighs and if you can try to flex your pelvic muscles, all the better For him: He needs to work his hips to burn calories and give you more pleasure!

    Position 3: Doggy position

    The woman needs to be on all fours – you might want a couple of cushions to rest on. The man kneels behind the woman and inserts himself into her. He can hold on to your hips or waist and caress your thighs and bottom, or your breasts.

    For a more strenuous workout, try turning it into a wheelbarrow position. Curve your back and stretch out so that you get deeper penetration and help tone your upper back, shoulders and arms. He needs to hold on to your hips or waist while you put your legs up on his shoulders.

    Burns: 150 calories
    Equivalent to: A slice of deluxe pizza or a slice of deluxe pizza with extra cheese, if you do the more strenuous wheelbarrow-type move.
    For her: Hold your tummy in for extra toning benefits. If you do the wheelbarrow version you can tone your upper back, shoulders and arms, and it’s good for balance, posture, arms and your upper thighs.
    For him: Good for his bum, arms and tummy muscles

    Position 4: The Melody Maker

    This one can be a bit tricky so take it slowly, and you’ll probably need a small footstool or comfy chair. Sit on the chair sideways and lean backwards so your head is pointing downwards.

    Now get your man to kneel between your legs and enter you. You may find it helps if you hold hands so that he can support you – you can go as fast or as slow as you’re comfortable with.

    Burns: 140 calories
    Equivalent to: A packet of crisps
    For her: Good for your arms if you hold onto him. Tense your tummy too, which tones your stomach.
    For him: This can work his upper body and hips.

    Position 5: The Galloping Horse

    The man sits on a chair with his legs outstretched in front of him. You climb on top and stretch your legs out straight behind him. He clings onto your arms and you lean back holding on to him for support. You’re in control, so then push back and forth on top of him as fast or as slow as you like. If you find this difficult then you can support yourself by putting your feet on a solid surface and use your legs to help you rock back and forth.

    Burns: 120 calories
    Equivalent to: A glass of Baileys
    For her: Arms and thighs For him: Arms and chest

    Position 6: The Missionary

    The oldest, and some would say the best in the book. You lie on your back, he lies on top of you and enters you. You can wrap your legs around him or not. You both thrust together rhythmically.

    Burns: 100 calories
    Equivalent to: A large slice of garlic bread
    For her: Tummy and pelvis – the harder you work the better For him: Bum, arms and hips

    Position 7: Corridor Canoodling

    Find an area at home where two walls are really close together, like a corridor or in the bathroom. He leans against one wall and shuffles down so he’s in a sitting position with his feet pushed against the other wall.

    You then climb on top of him with his legs supporting your whole weight and let your feet dangle either side. You then go for it like you would in a sitting position, thrusting back and forth on top of him.

    Burns: 140 calories
    Equivalent to: A ring doughnut
    For her: Legs and tummy For him: Calves, thighs, tummy