Gwyneth Paltrow

The Tracy Anderson method

Tracy is famous for working with celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston.

If you’d like a toned figure like these ladies but can’t afford to hire Tracy yourself, don’t worry – Tracy has her own exercise DVD that you can do in your own home. And best of all, you can see a clip of it here!

The Tracy Anderson method: Dance cardio workout

It’s an all-over body blast, made up of fast-paced dance routines to thumping dance tracks.

It’s not for beginners, but if you love dancing and already have a fairly good fitness level, she’ll be perfect for you.

Tracy’s theory is that reps result in ‘bulking up’, so the varied moves mean the toning and shaping is balanced all over your body.

Join Madonna and co. and buy The Tracy Anderson method from Amazon for £10.98.

Tracy first breaks down the routines for you to learn, which is a good workout on its own, before going into the full-paced versions. You can choose to follow the routine with Tracy facing you, or facing away from you as if you are in her dance class, depending on what’s easiest for you.

It’s an advanced workout, but if you are looking for a challenge and quick results, it’s definitely worth a try.