The best natural hay fever remedies to try this summer

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  • If over-the-counter hay fever medicines leave you drowsy and miserable, try one of our top 10 natural hay fever remedies to keep you feeling fine and hay fever free all summer long!

    Ready to give a few new natural hay fever remedies a try?

    If you suffer from dreaded hay fever, then you’ll know just how uncomfortable, annoying and downright unbearable it can make the warmer weather, which is why finding some hay fever remedies that actually work is crucial! But have you thought about trying natural hay fever remedies to kick your symptoms to the curb?

    While others are out enjoying the summer months, you’re stuck with the worst possible hay fever symptoms you can imagine, including streaming, stinging eyes, a blocked or runny nose, an itchy throat and so much sneezing. Oh, and let’s not forget the most annoying itchy throat you can possibly imagine…

    NHS describes hay fever as ‘a common allergic condition that affects up to one in five people at some point in their life’, and comes about through an allergy to pollen – so it’s clear that not only is this condition tricky to avoid in the summer, it’s also incredibly common too.

    If you’re a hay fever sufferer, we’re willing to bet you’ve tried a whole host of tablets and medicines that you’ve grabbed from your local chemist, all promising to stop the discomfort hay fever brings. But what about trying a more natural hay fever remedy approach?

    There’s lots of natural hay fever remedies you can try when your symptoms start to flare up, and they could make a welcome change from constantly reaching for the drugs – especially when most medicines make you feel drowsy. These natural remedies, from good ol’ Vit C to honey, can work even when the pollen counts are at their highest!

    The best part? You probably already have most of these hay fever remedies around the house already, hiding in kitchen cupboards of all places, meaning you can beat hay fever the natural way without spending a fortune! Result!

    Take a look through our natural hay fever remedy gallery to see which of these hay fever remedies could work for you.