Treating and preventing diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it’s something we’ll all suffer from at some point or another. In fact, in the past 6 months, 20 million adults in the UK will have had diarrhoea.

In this video, Dr Christian Jesson from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, gives his advice on how to treat and prevent diarrhoea.

What causes diarrhoea?

It can actually be caused by lots of different things. Sometimes it’s bacteria or some kind of bug, which is often the cause if you’re on holiday.

An upset stomach can also be caused by food allergies and intolerances, spicy foods and alcohol. Stress is also a big cause, and women often suffer just before their period due to a change in hormones.

How can I treat diarrhoea?

It’s really important to rehydrate when you’ve been suffering from diarrhoea, particularly if you’ve had a lot of diarrhoea. You can use oral rehydration solution if you like, or just keep drinking lots!

You can also get over-the-counter medication which helps to slow everything down, lets your body absorb more water and can treat symptoms like cramps.

If you have bad cramps, high fevers, blood or mucus with the diarrhoea then it’s more likely that you have an infectious cause, and it’s important to go and see your doctor.

Watch the video with Dr Christian Jessen to find out more about treating diarrhoea and whether you can prevent it.

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