Postpartum hair loss: dealing with hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss can be a really difficult side effect many women face during pregnancy, but what if there were some quick and easy ways to tackle the problem after your little one arrives?

Beauty expert Annie Vischer reveals the tips and treatments to nurse post-pregnancy hair back to health…

Gorgeous baby aside, pregnancy can be a whirl of beauty ups and downs. One minute you’re reeling in the ‘you’re glowing!’ compliments and swishing your newly lustrous hair from side to side, the next you’re wondering whether those wrinkles were there before, and trying not to shed a tear as you unclog a hunk of hair from your plug hole.

Many women notice hair loss during the first month after giving birth, whilst for others it can arrive as late as three months after. It’s all down to a surge of hormones during pregnancy. These keep your hair in ‘rest’ mode but disappear after giving birth, which causes hair loss.

Rest assured this all subsides on its own eventually, but it can be staved off in the meantime with the following simple tips…

1. Ditch the heat

Avoid curling tongs, straighteners and the highest temperature on your drier – all of these are set to increase breakage and further thin your hair. Instead dry hair naturally, using a light serum if you’re prone to frizz.

2. Topknot tricks

Sleeping with your hair in a loose topknot will prevent it from being tugged to and fro as you move in your sleep. It will also give you a natural root lift, making your do look thicker when you take it down the next day.

3. Caffeinate your shampoo

Coffee in your shampoo? Stay with us. A strong Americano boosts our energy levels and then some, just as a lather, rinse, repeat sesh with Plantur39 Shampoo stimulates our hair growth. Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, throw in a load of zinc and provitamin B5 and you have the formula you need to recharge your thick ‘n’ glossy hair batteries.
Plantur 39 Phyto Caffeine Shampoo (£8.99 RRP), Conditioner (£7 RRP) and Tonic (£9.99 RRP).

4. Switch up your brush

If your hairbrush is the kind that brings tears to your eyes with every tug, chuck it in the bin. It’s possible to detangle without splitting hairs – literally. Opt for a Tangle Teezer, £12.49 or Wet Brush, £11.99, and pair with a leave in conditioner to make the process as smooth as possible and cause less stress to your roots – you’ll cut down hair loss considerably.

5. Stress less

We know, easier said than done when you have a newborn to care for, but stress is a big factor when it comes to losing hair. Take five when you can, sit in a quiet space, an aromatherapy rollerball on your pulse points (we love This Works Stress Check Breathe In, £16) and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth – any chance you get.

6. Eat right

What you put into your body shows on the outside. Hair is made up of protein and benefits from iron, so upping your intake helps your body nourish it. Go for oily fish like salmon or lean meats, or if you’re vegetarian eat more lentils and spinach.