There’s a bra liner that stops you sweating – and people are loving it

Summer is definitely here, and whilst it comes with lots of fun things like days out on the beach, BBQs and cocktails in the garden, we also end up sweating way more than we’d like.

Boob sweat is something that every woman struggles with; it’s incredibly uncomfortable and frankly, gross. It’s even worse when you wake up first thing too, after trying to sleep in the sticky heat. But thankfully, this genius product could help to banish boob sweat!

The Belly Bandit Don’t Sweat It bra liners have taken social media by storm, and are an essential buy at just £21.95.

The product description reads: ‘It’s time to cut the B.S. – Boob Sweat, that is! Our Don’t Sweat It bra liners minimise the effects of unsightly and uncomfortable under-boob perspiration.

‘Simply slide our discreet liner beneath the bottom of your bra and say goodbye to wet clothes and irritated skin.’

That sounds like a dream, but how would a bra liner help to do all that? Well, the company says that the soft, viscose from bamboo material absorbs moisture whilst moving with your body. Better yet, they’re designed for any size, age or activity.

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Credit: Amazon

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Apparently they’re ‘the perfect way to stay dry and comfortable around the clock’, but do they actually work?

According to shoppers – the answer is yes! Even an expectant mum was impressed, writing: ‘The Don’t Sweat It have been a life saver this summer during my pregnancy!! They help absorb excess sweat and also provide padding between the underwire of my bra and my growing belly.

‘They are very comfortable! I definitely notice a difference when I don’t wear them! I bought one in each colour so I can wear them with all outfits!’.

Another user wrote: ‘Great product and it actually works. I’m a larger busted lady who often has red sore marks under my bust in the warmer weather.

‘After a couple of days I noticed a big improvement and the soreness and red marks are gradually disappearing….Thank you Belly Bandit.’

Since the sun looks like it’s here to stay, this could be a summer essential for every woman out there. Will you be trying it?