Why 14th of Jan is the new, ‘new year’

Today’s the day to make your new year’s resolutions – and keep them, according to a new study.

Why not January 1st?

There’s too much going on in the first couple of weeks of the year to distract you from your good intentions, research by Yakult has found.

5 million Brits have already failed to keep the resolutions they made on Jaunary 1st, with 15.5 million really struggling.

But why are we more likely to keep them now?

Well, according to leading gastroenterologist Dr Simon Gabe and psychologist Donna Dawson, a combination of the body recovering from Christmas indulgence and the physical and mental shock of going back to work in January means your body’s just not prepared to cope with changes to your diet and lifestyle any earlier than today.

By waiting a couple of weeks, you’re more settled in other areas of your life, and so won’t feel like you’re changing everything all at once.

Donna also adds: ‘By January 14th you should be recovered from Christmas and adjusted to being back at work making it the perfect time to focus on improvements to your life.

You’ve had time to think clearly about what you really want for yourself and you’re physically and mentally more able to work towards achieving it. If you’ve already broken your resolution, don’t despair and now’s the time to start afresh to increase your chance of success.’

So, if the first two weeks of Jan haven’t gone according to plan start afresh with one of our goodforyou ideas!

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