The sugar-free diet plan – lose up to 10lbs in 4 weeks!

The sugar-free diet plan is a must-try if you can't get enough of the sweet stuff...

The sugar-free diet plan could be the diet for you if you always need your 4pm chocolate fix… Do you spend the whole afternoon in a sugar-slump? Or crave biscuits and fizzy drinks when you’ve had a long day? You could be one of the 75% of us addicted to sugar! Although we all know how bad sugar is for us, giving it up is another thing altogether. Especially as so much of it is concealed within products that we think should be good for us – like cereals or granola bars.

But help is at hand with diet guru Monica Grenfell’s Sugar-Free Miracle diet that will help kick your addiction and drop up to 10lbs in 4 weeks.

Why is eating sugar that bad for me?

They say a little of what you fancy does you good, but it’s unhealthy to treat yourself every day – if you do, too much sugar could be sabotaging your figure and your health.

Blood sugars naturally rise after a meal and insulin swings into action to stop the level rising too high. But regularly having too much sugar can throw your system and the insulin stops doing it’s job – next stop, diabetes.

Plus, all the extra calories could be standing between you and your dream figure!


sugar-free diet plan


What can I do about my sugar addiction?

The good news is it’s easy to conquer sugar addiction. Stick to this plan and you’ll not only whittle your waist but those energy levels will soar.

Start by kicking the sugar rush: This diet works by cutting out sweets, desserts and anything sweet tasting, like fruit juice or dried fruit, for three days. Then you follow up with a low-GI diet. Foods with low glycaemic helps stabilise blood sugar and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

So what does the Sugar-Free miracle diet look like?

sugar-free diet plan

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Days 1-3: Follow the 7 golden rules

1. No desserts, no fruit and no sugar in drinks.
2. No juices, squashes or diet colas.
3. Drink tea, coffee (no sugar or sweetners) milk, plain water.
4. No ketchup, brown sauce, Thai or Chinese-type sweet and sour sauces.
5. Base your meals around meat, fish and eggs.
6. A carbohydrate breakfast of unsweetened cereal is allowed.
7. Portions must be small – after seven mouthfuls, stop eating.

Days 4-7: Add a little of what you fancy

As days 1-3, but add a healthy dessert in the evening, such as fruit salad, yogurt or fromage frais with stewed fruit.

So what can I eat every day?

the sugar free diet plan sugar free diet

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Day 1

*Shredded Wheat with sprinkling flaked almonds and 250ml of skimmed milk
*Skinny latte, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 poached egg, grilled tomatoes
*1 Oatibix, 250ml skimmed milk, 1tbsp blueberries

*Baked cod with chopped tomatoes, peppers and garlic, carrots and butter beans
*Chicken stir-fry with vegetables
*Cold, salmon or tuna salad

*Wholewheat pasta salad with tuna, 1tsp mayonnaise, chopped peppers
*Wholegrain chicken or salad sandwich
*40g cheese or 3tbs low-sugar baked beans on 2 slices buttered wholegrain toast

Day 2

*30g porridge, 200ml skimmed milk. 1 boiled egg
*2 eggs, any style, 1 slice wholemeal toast and peanut butter
*1 Oatibix, 200ml skimmed milk, 1tbsp blueberries

*Roast chicken wrapped in bacon, served with carrots, peas and gravy
*Vegetable curry with 2tbsp brown or wild rice, side salad.
*1/2 avocado filled with water-packed tuna, 1tsp mayonnaise. Green salad

*Prawn, mayonnaise and lemon open sandwich with 2 slices rye or granary bread
*Wholewheat spaghetti with a Mediterranean vegetable sauce. Green salad
*40g cheese or 3tbsp low-sugar baked beans on 2 slices buttered wholegrain toast

Day 3

*2 slices granary toast with marmite
*1 bagel with 1/2 fat cream cheese
*2tbs Bitesize Shredded Wheat, 200ml skimmed milk

*Low-fat burger, grilled. Mixed salad with sweetcorn
*Salmon fillet baked, with veg
*2 slices cheese on 2 Ryvitas with a sliced tomato

*Seafood risotto, green salad
*Vegetable curry with 3tbsp brown rice
*Grilled fillet steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and a baked sweet potato

Day 4

*30g porridge, 200ml milk
*2 slices granary toast, lightly buttered with 2tbsp tinned tomatoes
*2 Shredded Wheat with 200ml soya, rice milk or skimmed milk

*Avocado and prawn salad
*Cold chicken and salad in a tortilla wrap
*40g hard cheese with fruit and celery

*Small portion wholewheat macaroni with tomato and vegetable sauce, sprinkling Parmesan cheese
*Small bowl lentil soup with 2 slices granary bread and Flora
*4tbsp mixed vegetable chilli sauce, served on 3tbsp brown or mixed rice

Day 5

*1 Shredded Wheat, sprinkling sultanas, 200ml skimmed milk
*1 boiled egg, 1 slice granary toast, Flora
*40g toasted muesli, 200ml skimmed milk and 1tbsp plain yogurt

*Baked cod, peas and carrots. Cheese salad
*Granary sandwich filled with Brie and grapes.
*Cheese salad

*1 small vegetable pizza with mixed salad
*Small slice stilton and broccoli quiche, with hot vegetables or salad
*Cheese or spinach 3-egg omelette. Baked sweet potato

Day 6

*2 eggs, any style, 1 slice wholemeal toast and peanut butter
*1 Oatibix with 200ml skimmed milk
*Smoothie made with 1 banana, 6 almonds, 1tbsp oatmeal and 300ml skimmed or soya milk

*Cold cheese omelette in strips on salad with sweetcorn and peas
*Meatballs in tomato sauce with 3 green vegetables
*Bowl of carrot, spinach or vegetable soup with small granary roll and butter

*Wholewheat spaghetti with 50g smoked salmon and 1tbsp crème fraiche
*Quorn fillet in lemon and black pepper, served with coleslaw
*Jacket potato with cottage cheese and sweetcorn

Day 7 – Cheat Day!

One day a week you can pick what you want from the other days a be a bit
more generous with the portions. Plus you’re allow 1-2 glasses of
alcohol and one sweet treat e.g. 2 biscuits, small slice of cake- but
not in your first week!

If you’re having a go at the Sugar-Free Miracle diet let us know how you get on!