Yogurt: The best and worst yogurt for your diet revealed!

Are you sure you're choosing a healthy yogurt? From Muller to Weight Watchers, we've compared the best and worst yogurt for your diet to find out which is the healthiest yogurt you should be eating.

Healthy yogurts are a fridge staple in most family homes for the simple reason that they’re quick and easy lunchbox solutions, great dessert options and a good source of calcium (and sometimes fruit, depending on which one you go for). But are you sure you’re choosing the healthiest yogurt for your needs? Take a look through this list of best and worst yogurt for your diet to decide for yourself…

With so many amazing flavours and options to choose from (sprinkles, chocolate, fruity sauce, hurrah!), we often find ourselves in the chilled foods aisle totally spoilt for choice. Whilst you might fall into the trap of assuming all ‘healthy’ yogurts are a good choice and great if you’re on a diet, on closer inspection some aren’t quite as healthy as you’d imagine from the promises made on the packaging.

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With alarming levels of sugar, high calories and lots of fat in some of the most popular supermarket favourites, the presumed ‘healthiest yogurts’ could be doing more damage than good with many people not realising which ones aren’t very good for us after all.

best and worst yogurt for your diet

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In fact, one of the healthy yogurts we rated contains a staggering 18.8g of sugar – that’s nearly 40% of your daily allowance in one go!

A new study also revealed that lots of yogurts branded ‘healthy’ contain almost all of a child’s recommended daily sugar intake – that is nearly five sugar cubes!

Worst on Public Health England Liverpool’s list was Muller corner with 4.9 sugar cubes. Aldi’s own brand yogurt took a close second place with 4.7 cubes. Each cube represents 4g sugar.

Deciphering the details can be time consuming and confusing, so we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve compared 20 different varieties of yogurt ranging from kids’ favourites like Munch Bunch and Petits Filous, well-known healthy yogurt brands like Onken and Danone, to other favourites like Greek yogurt, so you know which healthiest yogurts to bulk buy and those to leave on the shelf. Now you just have to decide whether to serve them on your cereal or have them as a snack!

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We’ve rated our favourite yoghurts from worst to best for your diet.

Scroll down to see the best and worst yogurt for your diet…

Which of these healthy (or not so healthy) yogurts is your favourite from our round up? Did the results shock you? Let us know over on our Facebook page!